Don’t We All Need
A Better Balance?

By definition, Statera means “balance” in Latin. A word that perfectly encapsulates what we need, what we believe in, and what we aspire to provide for our clients.
Empower your teams to enjoy the work/life balance they deserve, while gaining the higher levels of productivity, profitability, and employee loyalty that you deserve.
During his years as a corporate CFO, Statera founder Kenneth Coe had a front-row seat to observe the internal satisfaction levels of the employees within his company. Across the board, employees seemed disengaged, dissatisfied, and unhappy with their working environment, yet company leadership simply didn’t have the resources to implement meaningful engagement strategies.
If it was happening this close to home, Kenneth realized that it must be happening at many other companies as well. These disengaged employees were inadvertently affecting company culture and profitability, as motivation levels plummeted and productivity took a tumble. The key takeaway was that employees desperately want, and need, to be engaged. At this pivotal time in Corporate America, where hybrid work has become the norm and employee expectations are high, Kenneth began designing and implementing corporate engagement programs that would bring back real employee engagement.
In just a few short years, the rise of the hybrid workforce has created a dynamic shift in employee mindset. Employees are weary of the traditional 9 to 5 grind. They crave connection, collaboration, balance, and inspiration. They want to be part of a company that engages and excites their employees, while motivating them to get up, get going, and make a real difference.
When employees feel undervalued and misunderstood, they may walk out and never look back. Or, they may simply resort to “quiet quitting”.
It’s time to rise up and give them something to care about.
You may have an inkling that your company stands at an impasse, with stagnation threatening to take over. It’s okay if you simply don’t know where to start. The team at Statera takes the ball and runs with it. Give us an inch and we’ll go the mile. We’re in this together, from the starting line to the photo finish.

Do More With Less

Doing more doesn’t have to mean spending more. What if we told you that you can do more with less?
Statera helps accelerate your productivity with careful strategies that offer a return on investment that blows other strategies out of the water. More impact, less work. More engagement, less frustration. A lasting legacy, a lower spend.
The result? Higher employee satisfaction. Higher performance levels. And higher profits.

Your Engagement Challenges Become Our Shared Success Stories

Has your workplace become contentious or combative? Do you see troublesome signs of frustration, overwhelm, or burnout? Are your executives disconnected from frontline workers? 

Without addressing these issues, they will continue to bubble under the surface, until they eventually boil over. Whatever your current engagement issues may be, Statera can set you on the right track toward replacing your struggles with successes.

We address executive-level engagement issues from the top down, by helping to increase internal communication, prioritize C-level visibility, and create opportunities for meaningful and memorable interactions. 

At Statera, challenge is just another word for opportunity.

By The Numbers

As of 2022, only 13% of employees said they were engaged at work.
However, companies that have engaged employees see up to a 21% increase in profit.
Which side of the numbers do you want to be on? Tip the balance in your favor by trusting the team at Statera to create a future-proof engagement strategy tailored to your needs.

To better the relationship of businesses, their employees, and customers by incorporating philanthropy,
inclusion programs, and progressive communication between executives and frontline workers.

Who We Are

We are philanthropic architects, corporate engagement specialists, social media marketing experts, client advocates, and trustworthy business allies.
As a company, we value partnerships that help raise the visibility of our mission and make the process of giving back a universally cool concept.
As a team, we value progressive change management and forward-thinking creativity that challenges the status quo, and sets the new gold standard.
As a partner, we bring our multifaceted skills and expertise to solve your most complicated engagement challenges.
Balance is the key to unlocking the potential that lies dormant within your organization. By creating an effective employee engagement strategy, you can provide your employees with the balance they need to thrive, while giving them a company culture to be proud of.

It’s Time For Action

With tailored philanthropic architecture and customized corporate engagement strategies, Statera will help you leverage every opportunity at your fingertips.

Throughout the process, we’ll track measurable results to ensure our compass is pointing exactly where we need to go.

Are you ready for what’s next? Contact Statera to get started today.

Whether you need to boost in-person employee engagement, or bring together hybrid teams with virtual
events, Statera helps create shared moments, good times, and great memories.

Philanthropic Architecture

We elevate your philanthropic culture by planning events from concept to conclusion, including charity efforts, community outreach, volunteer opportunities, drives, and fundraisers.

Corporate Engagement Architecture

We will design your employee engagement programming to ensure your hard-working employees receive the visibility and recognition they deserve for a job well done.

Marketing For Engagement

We help raise brand awareness with a perfectly executed social media marketing blitz, telling your unique story with vibrant content, impressive visuals, and top-tier marketing strategies.

We work with some of the top global companies and brands to create employee engagement strategies that deliver measurable results.

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When you make a difference in the lives of your employees, they’ll make a difference in yours.